peace within the covid siege

i have worried too much be one i had it early and so did my youngest lad so i kinda think if my others get it they will be ok too

however i don’t have any health issues especially no health anxieties partly to due the years of living on crushed egg shells knowing that any day i could be attacked again but killed also

but what i have enjoyed now is the ability to look inward and relish the fact that it did take work but i am so glad certain people are not in my life no more

i also get to chose certain family members i can step back and think hey i don’t like them i don’t need them

it’s freeing

imagine if ..

all the attention you have been giving people who are not good in your life

was causing you to retain negative energies

so how about if you stopped it

so no you can concentrate on yourself on all the positive ways to make a you make you feel proud to make you feel great

today’s tut email

with a little added extra from me to me

A question from your friend The Universe:
Just how much time do you spend thinking big
I mean really, really BIG?

Good, very good! Because that’s exactly how much of “it” you’re going to get!
What a coincidence, The Universe

which of these would suit you? (“All of them” works.)

A new healthy happi family home

Zippier friends

Passionate kissing

To have my own car motorbike and lover …. obviously my still dream

Lots of long weekend trips

Work-life-play balance

!Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ® © ®

Matter is pure spirit, gail, only more so.


here we go again with my words thought and desires

do any of you script ? because if i script here it s gonna be public and i don’t want everyone knwo8ng just how proud and happy i am

im more private but here i will show you that in deed just some ramblings that make sense

then n now

questions to ask myself

what did i want

to be and do

did i do right well i did what i had thought at the time was right

regrets turn into lessons

forgiveness for those not liking me for judging me

forgiveness for myself for not being good enough

ego stop saying i am not good enough

i am really nice

i love my own

so now i have to stop those bad habits such as having low self esteem. judging myself on others term stop drinking stop the spending the bill money to pay every bill asap not pinching pete to pay paul but also stop best

beating myself yp