The Journey so Begins again

new blog land for me

hope you will join me as i start to just journal some things

it’s not going to have anything as an aim

just for me to vent & purge my feelings

as in free therapy

but of course i would still

let me know what you think

tillie x.

be happy and free like a butterfly


then n now

questions to ask myself

what did i want

to be and do

did i do right well i did what i had thought at the time was right

regrets turn into lessons

forgiveness for those not liking me for judging me

forgiveness for myself for not being good enough

ego stop saying i am not good enough

i am really nice

i love my own

so now i have to stop those bad habits such as having low self esteem. judging myself on others term stop drinking stop the spending the bill money to pay every bill asap not pinching pete to pay paul but also stop best

beating myself yp

i’m fabulous

1 i can laugh at myself

2 i bounce back quickly

3 i care very much about those close to me

4 i like to spoil people

5 i’m there for others if they wasn’t

6 i give people space

7i’m a very proud mom and think i give them a good sense of worth and space to be themselves

8 i don’t nag

9 i’m okay by myself

10 i like to learn to be a better me